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Where to stay in Zagreb?

Where to stay in Zagreb?

Are you are in Zagreb for business? Or just vacationing with the family? Are you looking for the best Zagreb hotel that makes your stay easier?

Zagreb, Croatia's capital, many tourists pass over in favor of the sun, sea, and sand lining the Adriatic, however, this gem-city has so much more to offer.

Croatia's capital is nothing short of stunning: whether you're strolling through the 1000-year-old Old Town, with its picturesque cobblestone streets, red-roof houses and medieval churches or The New Town which offers you countless cafes and gourmet restaurants with a mixture of Neo-Baroque and Art-Deco buildings.

Although this is very remarkable in view of the fact that it has more museums per square foot than any other city in the world. This is the perfect undiscovered city to get lost in and explore, it has great music, the lots of history, and enough art to make Rome look like a snoozefest.

Despite that Zagreb is a metropolis with more than 17 big neighborhoods, you must get a better understanding of the neighborhoods in order to decide where to stay; whether you want to be near the city center or you're more for quitter places.

If you want to be in the middle of events, the best place to stay in Zagreb is right in the city center.

The Jelacic Square is the busiest area so staying near here may be the best choice if you want to experience real Zagreb.

With many hotels available to suit all budgets and styles, Zagreb is one of the most affordable European cities.  It won't be hard to find affordable accommodations even with a budget, and you're going to find the hotels you are staying at aren't going to feel like they are overpriced anywhere else.

There is a choice of staying in the historic city center and being just a couple minutes' walk from the numerous major attractions such as Upper Town, where the St. Mark's Church and the twin-spired Zagreb Cathedral.  

Don’t miss out on the lively, pedestrian-friendly Tkalciceva Street filled with excellent sidewalk cafes where you can people-watch; and Lower Town, where you can find many beautiful historical buildings and many interesting shops, restaurants, and museums. 

Lower Town (Donji Grad) constitutes half of the Zagreb center and is considered a good place to stay in for first-time visitors. Lower Town has beautiful Austro-Hungarian architecture, grand avenues, such as Ilica Street, and several fantastic museums.

This vibrant city neighborhood is the heart of the city, where everything happens and you can experience the feeling of the “real Zagreb”.

A range of hotels are available in the area, including the most visible one, Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb, right on the main square. Located in the heart of Zagreb, Hotel Dubrovnik is a great choice for those looking to experience a comfortable and convenient stay. This hotel is close to bars, restaurants, sightseeing, and museums.

Look at it this, we tell our guests that are slogan is “Make your stay easy”.

Why? It’s because when you are staying with us, everything you need to see, drink and eat are around and near the hotel which means that you don’t need to think too much. This is a key factor to every vacation – keep your mind relaxed.  

If you want to get from one side of city to another, no worry.

It's easy to get around Zagreb because the public transportation system in Zagreb includes trams that are easy to use and affordable to everyone.  

For example, just a  ten minute tram ride from the main square heading east of the center, you can find Maksimir park which it’s own forest, meadows and lakes.

 It also has many cafés, the park provides enough room for jogging, romancing and relaxation.

At one end you'll find the City Zoo, with the daily feeding times posted up for the seals, sea lions and otters, so that you and your family can see them around.

Also, on the other side of the road stands Croatia's national football stadium, also called the Maksimir stadium, the base of the famous home-town club Dinamo Zagreb.

There is no doubt you will find something for yourself in this lovely, charming capital city.