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Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb history

Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb history

Before the hotel

Around 100 years ago, Zagreb was a very small city, emerging into a bigger city.

Our city was built and designed by big European architects and we are grateful to those sculptors that gave their art to Zagreb.

In 1829, the construction of Pavle Hatz’s house had finished – he was a merchant and a respectable citizen and mayor of Zagreb from 1872 - 1873.

There was a big café that was located on the first floor of his house.

After exactly 100 years, in 1929 the café was torn down and a hotel was built and named by the merchant named Milinov.

In 1942 the whole place was remodeled once again.

The hotel was named Hotel Dubrovnik after it was bought out.

It was bought by business owners located in the city of Dubrovnik and the café was renamed “Café Dubrovnik”.

From that day on, the hotel and café are located on the same position, filled with tradition and true hospitality values.

We hope you enjoyed a short story of Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb history.

Zagreb Famous

The tale of two wings

The Hotel Dubrovnik’s facade on Ban Jelacic square is a distinctive part of the city’s architectural heritage.The vintage wing was built in 1929 in which it had 96 rooms with 134 beds. To fulfill growing demand, the hotel added a tastefully designed modern wing in 1982 with an additional 150 rooms. Today, the Hotel Dubrovnik has 214 rooms and 8 suites and offers perfect balance of tradition, classic beauty, excellent service and modern facilities in the heart of Zagreb.

Mercury's room

There is a special room in Hotel Dubrovnik, room 424 because that is where the statue of Mercury is located, right on the window. In Roman mythology, Mercury was the God of travel and merchant, the messenger of the Gods. The planet located in our solar system and the chemical element was named after roman god. The name of the architect that designed this statue on the hotel was Anton Dominik Ritter van Fenkorn, German-Austrian sculptor who also sculpted the statue of baron Josip Jelačić on the square in front of the hotel. Legend says that if you stay in this room, you will be blessed with luck.


1929.privately owned hotel Milinov was built in 1929

1937.opening of Cafe Dubrovnik in 1937

1942.shipping company Dubrovačka plovidba bought the hotel and named it Hotel Dubrovnik glass wing was built in Gajeva street in 1982.

1996.renovation of reception area and conference room Centrum in 1996

1997.renovation of cafè and restaurant

2001./ 2002.complete renovation of rooms in both buildings

2010./ 2011.renovation of conference rooms overlooking the square and suites

2012.renovation of inside of glass building

2013.renovation of reception, lobby and presidential suite, new deluxe rooms presented

2014. – 2018.renovation of all standard double rooms