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Why is Zagreb worth visiting

Is Zagreb worth visiting? 



Like other European capitals, Zagreb, the Croatian capital, has a variety of attractions that are worthy of a visit.



Some of these include museums, exquisite architecture, and many outdoor activities.



Besides its vibrant food markets and street festivals, Zagreb also has a variety of other attractions that are worth a visit.



These include cafes and restaurants that serve up a variety of food and drink.



Its charming hospitality is what sets it apart from other tourist attractions.



If you're a fan of public transportation, such as trams in San Francisco or Lisbon, then Zagreb is a must-visit destination.



If you're planning on visiting multiple areas, then you can easily get around town by taking public transportation.



Getting around the city in a simple & easy way will put you in a relaxed mood.



You'll be able to enjoy a variety of activities and places that you can visit.



If you're looking for something a bit different, try taking a walk through the leafy paths that are around the corners of the city's squares and streets.



There, you'll find various interesting objects such as painted water pumps and street art.




The reason is that Zagreb is still not a tourist destination. It's a great place to discover these hidden gems on your own.



Many people who have visited Zagreb wish they had more time to explore the city.



The regret is not about not having enough time to see all that it has to offer, but about not realizing that it's a great place to visit without an itinerary.



Croatia's capital city of Zagreb is an amazing base to explore the other parts of Croatia.



For example, the Croatian coast is only 90 minutes away by car. You will love the Adriatic coast, we are sure :)



Don't forget that we can organize a day trip to some National Parks -> the most famous one you have to see it Plitvice lakes. 



If you want more info on how to book a visit to Plitvice Lakes, check here. 



It'll also remind you of some of the Central European cities that are known for their cultural attractions, such as Vienna and Prague.



In terms of food, transport, and accommodation, Zagreb is a very affordable city.



If you're a nature lover, then you'll be able to thoroughly enjoy the city's diverse attractions.



Its vibrant nightlife and festivals will keep you hooked, and you might even tempt you to visit again.



One of the most stunning European cities is Zagreb, which allows people to explore the city on foot.