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Zagreb Christmas Market 2020

As this unpredictable year of 2020 is almost over, we are on the brink of the beginning of December, which means that the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner.

While all this sounds nice and dandy, the main questions, or shall we say the awkward elephant in the rooms in the following questions, Zagreb Christmas Market 2020 - To be or not to be? People were worried that there was a potential possibility that it would be canceled for this year.

Even though there is a global pandemic underway at this moment, there was hope that, with extra caution, of course, we will still have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, molded wine, and winter food around the city of Zagreb.

That being said, Advent in Zagreb 2020 will happen – but the bad news is that it will not be like it was in recent years when the beautiful city of Zagreb was packed with tourists from around the world standing around the Advent houses, drinking their favorite drink, eating good food and singing the same Christmas carols that we have been singing for the past 15 years, just because it's that happy time of the year.

Working at hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb, there is always a warm feeling around our hearts when hearing the same classics every year and see happy people walking around the hotel.

This year will be different because first of all there will not be as many people as we had hoped this year. There will be fewer Christmas houses around the main square, park Zrinjevac, and on Tomislavac. This year it will be more modest, that is for sure.
One thing is for sure, the holiday spirit will be among us, and maybe this will help us forget the current global situation, at least for a moment, while we're having a great time with friends and family.

One thing is certain, this year we will be seeing more masks than Christmas hats, but I'll tell you this - let that be, but only for this Christmas season and never again.

Happy holidays, our dear friends from the staff of Hotel Dubrovnik staff and we will see each other very soon.