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Zagreb Capital of Croatia

Why is Zagreb the capital of Croatia 2024?

Why is Zagreb the capital of Croatia?


Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, ranks among the oldest cities in Central Europe.


It is evident from the documents dating back to 1094, when a diocese was established in this area.


 The history of Zagreb dates back to the Roman period.


At the time, the city was established as an urban settlement known as Andautonija.


In 1904, the name Zagreb was established by the Zagreb Chapter Diocese.


It became a free royal city in 1242, and in 1851, Janko Khamau became its first mayor.


In 1945, it was officially declared the capital of Croatia.


Today, Zagreb is the largest city in the country.




Zagreb was developed between the Sava and the mountain of Medvednica.


Its old center is situated in the medieval Gradec, which is the home of the Croatian Parliament and the Archbishop.


The medieval spirit of Gradec continues to live in its streets as you walk through the district.


Gas lamps still remain lit throughout the evening.


After passing through the Stone Gate (Which was built in the 13th century), you'll reach the Croatian Parliament.


This building, which is a mix of gothic and Romanesque styles, has a roof that features vibrant tiles depicting the Kingdom of Croatia and Zagreb.



Following the unification of the villages and the city in the 19th century, the construction of various public facilities such as parks and squares increased very fast.


Today, the city is regarded as one of the most "green" European cities because of the many parks that were made.


The Croatian capital of Zagreb attracts visitors with the lively atmosphere of its streets, numerous coffee shops, restaurants and shopping.


If you are looking for a break on your way to, or from the Croatian coast, then Zagreb is the place to come to and it is waiting for you.


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