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Visit Zagreb for the Weekend

What to see/Do for Zagreb during the weekend?



After you go through this list, we're sure you will see why Zagreb will be a perfect weekend trip for you. 



Zagreb is a small capital city in Europe that's known for its historic streets.



it's a very easy city to explore by foot and the best place to start your exploration of Zagreb is from the City Center (The Ban Jelacic Square).



Like other capital cities, Zagreb has a vibrant metropolitan area that's full of cool things to see and do.



Since Zagreb is the capital of the country, it's always full of culture and activities.



There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and nightlife to keep you occupied throughout the year.



The city's food and craft beer scene is thriving, and there are plenty of museums and restaurants in every corner.



The city also has a variety of parks - Zrinjevac park is a 2 minutes away from the main square and you will for sure enjoy a nice walk there. 



One of the best ways to get a good overview of the city is by taking a walking tour.



This is an approximately two-to-three-hour tour that will give you all the necessary information about the country and the city.



It'll also allow you to get around the city on foot.



The guide will be able to provide you with the most current information about Zagreb and its activities.



The city of Zagreb is divided into two different areas: Upper Town and Lower Town.



Both of these areas are very small and are both easily accessible by walking.



Another great idea is to head over to British Square. This is the home if the city's second largest farmers' market.



The cool part about it is that it's transformed into an antique fair on weekends.



There, you'll find a wide range of unique and old objects, such as books, period door knobs, and even items from the socialist period of Zagreb.



We always tell people that they might be very surprised based on what they could find there



One of the most popular attractions in Zagreb is the Zagreb National Theater.



It is a beautiful building that's home to various types of opera and orchestra.



It's also a great place to watch dramatic performances.



One of the most striking buildings in the city is the Zagreb Cathedral.



One of the most striking features of this building is the inscription that's taking up an entire wall. This is a script that's commonly used for writing unique pieces of art in Croatia.



One of the most popular areas in Zagreb is the Dolac Market.



This is where you can find a variety of local products and services.



Every morning, in Gornji Grad, you'll find a variety of food and drink at the Dolac Market.



One of the most unique museums that you have to visit in Zagreb is the Museum of the Broken Relationships.



This museum features various items that people have donated in an attempt to represent their broken relationships.



The stories that the people who have donated are very interesting and relatable.



Tkalčućeva Street is a beautiful area that's filled with restaurants and cafes.



This street was once a creek, and it's now full of these cute shops.



It's a great place to take a casual walk, or sit in a cafe and watch people.



Dont forget the Croatian food you have to try in Zagreb :)



One of the most popular local dish in Zagreb is the Zagreb Shnitzel.



The delicious Zagreb cutlet fried cutlet which is stuffed with ham and cheese.



One of the most popular local dishes that's commonly served in Croatia is the Štrukli.



This dish is made with dough that's filled with homemade cheese.



One of the most popular local food items that's commonly served in Zagreb is the Sarma.



This is a type of meat that's rolled into small cabbage leaves and then cooked.



The best time to Sarma is during fall up until spring, when the weather is cold 😊