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The best hotels for families in Zagreb

What is the best family hotel in Zagreb?


What does a Zagreb hotel need to make sure it is the best for a family? 


If you are reading this blog post, it looks like that you're planning on going to Zagreb.


It's a great idea, and you won't regret it.


To make a long story short, we will explain why you should consider staying at Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb as a Zagreb Family Hotel. 


Make sure to choose the right area in Zagreb for your stay before you book a hotel. 


Maybe the best idea is to choose a hotel with a central location in Zagreb or a hotel in the city center.


Zagreb's lower town is known for its great location. It's one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.


If you're planning on visiting Zagreb for a weekend or you're visiting for the first time, the city center is the best choice.


It's also a great location for families with young children.


For example, if you were to stay at the Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb, it has the best location in Zagreb.


Because it is located right on the main square of Zagreb - Prime location!


Everything is easy and simple when you stay with is because every you need to see is around or in front of the hotel. 


If you want to see what Is Zagreb famous for, check it out here.


The most important attraction are near Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb such as the Ban Jelacic Square, the old Upper town, Zagreb Cathedral, Museum of Broken Relationships etc. 


In Zagreb, you'll find plenty of great restaurants and historical architecture. You can also visit museums and galleries.


We believe that you and the whole family with enjoy the architecture that is present in Zagreb.


It will remind of y more charming version of Vienna or Prague because of it's Austrian - Hungry history. 


The whole vibe of the city is just special and we know for a fact that most of our guests that come to Zagreb are always surprised how cool the city is. 


The other reason Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb is a great family hotel option because we offer inter connecting rooms to you. 


This might be the best option for you and your family and it's an important factor family hotels should have if possible. 

Keep in mind that we offer a buffet breakfast every morning.


We're sure there will be plenty of options for you and your family to eat. 


The parking lot of Hotel Dubrovnik is located 100m away from the hotel.


If you book direct on our website, then the parking will be free of charge. 


If you are arriving via airplane, then we do offer the pickup service from the airport to the hotel and vice versa. 


We are more than sure that you will enjoy the Croatian Capital of Zagreb while staying in the City Centre with us.