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Ljudevita Gaja 1, PP 246, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 1 4863 555
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Zagreb City Center Hotel

Hotel in Zagreb City Center



Are you looking for a hotel in Zagreb City Center?




Where is the best place to stay in the City Center of Zagreb? 




We understand that there are a lot of options for accommodation in Zagreb. 



However, sometimes it can be hard figuring out where to stay. 



Location is one of the factors some people consider when choosing where to stay. 



Others choose a hotel based on the location of its attractions. 



Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb's City Center is great choice located right in front of the Main Square.



Most of the important sights to visit in Zagreb are a couple of steps from the hotel. 



Having a good idea of the neighborhoods in Zagreb will help you plan your stay in the city.



It will also give you an idea of what kind of accommodations are available in the area.



By looking for the best places to stay in Zagreb, you will also determine the type of accommodation that will suit both you and your budget.



Below are a few key tourist areas in Zagreb.



They are by far the most popular and central places to stay in the city.



The Kaptol neighborhood is located in the Upper Town, and this area is home to many budget hotels, hostels, and apartment buildings.



The other part of the city, known as Gradec, is also home to some of the most notable historical sites in the whole city.



The Upper Town is divided into two sections.



The Old Town, which is also known as Gornji Grad, has plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars.



The area is also lined with numerous bars and pubs.



While staying in the Upper Town, take a walk along a beautiful street and admire the architecture.



The Lower Town, which is also called Donji Grad, is the half of the city center that's located here.



This area is characterized by its grand avenues and monumental architecture.




What to visit in Zagreb when staying in Hotel Dubrovnik? 


The Main Square

St. Mark's Church

Zagreb Cathedral

Upper Town

Tkalčićeva Street

Croatian National Theater 

Zagreb Funicular 


Dolac Market