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Easter Holiday Zagreb

Easter Weekend in Zagreb 2022




The Easter weekend in Zagreb is upon us - and this means a couple of things.




#1 It's spring time and how can I spend my Easter Holiday in Zagreb? 




#2 How can you spend quality time in Zagreb during your vacation? 




We believe that for most family's with children, it's a great time to use for vacation.




It's important to take a  break from our normal daily routines. 




Why visit Zagreb during the Easter Holiday?




The weather is great which means and this means a 'lot to many people visiting a location.




It is is typically mild and sunny, which makes it a good time to visit.




Why stay in Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb during Easter?



The closer a guest stays in the city center of any city they visit, the more safe they feel.



Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb has the best location in Zagreb & Croatia because we're right on the main city square.



You will be able to Book a room that has a unique view of the main square. 



To get a more clear idea, check out our Virtual tour to see where we are located.



Everything you need to see, drink & eat is all around this Zagreb Hotel. 



What is the food tradition in Zagreb, Croatia during Easter?




When you come to Zagreb and stay in Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb - we got you covered for the food.




The traditional Easter food will be served in the Hotel restaurant "American Steak & Grill House". 




On Easter, April 17th, we will be preparing a special Easter breakfast for our guests.




Breakfast time will be from 06:30 am to 10:30 am. 



So, what will be on the menu for breakfast?






Price 95,00 kn/ approx. 13,00 € per person


 Easter ham/ spring onions/ radishes/ horseradish sauce/ deviled eggs


Selection of poppy seed rolls and walnut rolls


 Full selection from our standard breakfast buffet



Easter lunch will be served from 11:30 am to 3 pm. 



What will be on the menu for lunch on Easter? 




Price 180,00 kn/ approx. 24,00 € per person


 Easter ham/ spring onions/ radishes/ horseradish sauce/ deviled eggs

Dalmatian prosciutto/ Livno cheese/ homemade cured sausages


 Cream of asparagus soup with cornbread croutons/ beef consommé with noodles

 Zucchini and pumpkin risotto with truffle paste/ ratatouille


Roasted lamb/ mini veal steaks Zagreb style

Turkey medallions in fennel and wild asparagus sauce


Roasted potato with vegetables/ sweet potato french fries

Millet fritters


Selection of salads from salad bar

Selection of cream cakes


**Underlined ingredients are allergenic



What can I do in Zagreb during my stay for Easter?




Zagreb is the type of city where there is always something to do.



Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb can provide a tourist guide for you during your stay with us.



We will have a special  "Servus Zagreb Easter edition" tour for our guests. 



The tourist guide is the easiest way to walk around and explore the city of Zagreb with a true professional. 



If this is something you would like, let us know. 



You could go and visit the Easter Fair, which is held at Ban Jelacic Square.




Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb is right in front of the main square, so you will probably see everything through your window. 




You will be able to enjoy great food and buy many interesting souvenirs while walking through traditionally looking wooden booths, set around the main square for Easter fair.




One of the first things you will notice is that the city will be decorated with Easter components such as big painted eggs.




When you will be walking around the city, you will many large decorative eggs around the streets.




The drawings on the eggs explain the many motives of Croatians and people in Zagreb.



If you like offer


and stay with us! 



 Visit the Dolac Market 



There is the most famous market in the city that serves as a place where people can buy various Easter-related items.




It is called Dolac Market - it is located 2 minutes by foot from Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb.




Please keep in mind;



Most of the country's museums, galleries, and shops will be closed on Easter Sunday.



However, there are plenty of churches and other cultural attractions that are open during this period.




Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb wishes you a happy Easter! :)